Engage in Producing Entertainment Oriented Multimedia Baseband Chips

Jul 27, 2005

Spreadtrum Communications Inc. announced that as the result of multimedia phone's rapid growth, the development of the multimedia chipsets is accelerating with great speed and momentum, especially as we enter the 3G age. People are becoming more attached to their mobile phones, and are no longer satisfied with basic services such as conversing and SMS. New phones with colored displays, camera functions, MP3 players became the "hot stuff "overnight.

The integration of multimedia into the mobile phone is a key factor of wireless phone designs. Providing high performance chipsets is the pivotal point of achieving high integration. Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. recently developed an innovative multimedia baseband chip - SC6600M. This powerful chip not only has the functionalities of regular baseband chips, it also supports a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with video recording and playback, 64-polyphonics with stereo sound, MP3 Player, USB interface, USB removable memory. Before SC6600, these functions were implemented separately on many different chips. Now all integrated on one 12X12mm chip, SC6600 is greatly reduced the size, cost and power consumption compared to most wireless handsets. Currently, Spreadtrum is focused on market promotion for this product. The launch of final mobile phone products with SC6600 will take place during the second half of this year.

Traditionally, adding multimedia functions would result in extra add-ons such as image processor, audio processor, application processor, etc. This single highly integrated chip, SC6600M, is capable of meeting all the demands of multimedia mobile phones, eliminating overheads from all the extra multimedia processors. Spreadtrum adopted a brand new system design, utilizing 0.13µm analog/digital mixed signal technology to enable the integration of GSM/GPRS modem, video, and audio in one wireless terminal. It is designed to have the highest level of integration which reduces power consumption, cost and size effectively; which in turn decreased the development complexity for terminal manufacturers. SC6600 empowers clients to develop customized mobile phone product designs to differentiate themselves in the market. More importantly, the end product with SC6600 is able to compete in the marketplace with high-integration and high performance advantages.

Spreadtrum Communications Inc. is a leading high-tech enterprise, founded by returnees who have studied abroad. Members of Spreatrum devote their time and energy to developing and marketing of wireless communication IC and its systems. Using innovative software/hardware designs, Spreatrum provides complete cost-effective solutions that greatly shorten development time for manufacturers and IDHs, getting the product to the market quickly and easily.

In 2003, Spreadtrum developed China's first GSM/GPRS (2G/2.5G) IC, its supporting software and total solution. In April of 2004, Spreadtrum also successfully delivered the world's first TD-SCDMA 3G SoC, LCR and GSM/GPRS dual-mode IC based on international standards. Spreadtrum's products have penetrated the Chinese and global GSM/GPRS (2G/2.5G) market. Spreadtrum is marching forward in areas of multimedia technology, remote monitoring systems, and interactive TV.