Spreadtrum Communications Held Foundation Setting Ceremony for the Spreadtrum Center

Sep 1, 2005

On Sep 1, 2005, Spreadtrum Communications held Foundation Setting ceremony for the Spreadtrum Center. This signifies the fast growing Spreadtrum has reached a new height.

Pudong district vice governor, Yuying Shang, presented his congratulation speech to Spreadtrum Communications on behalf of all government officials of Pudong district. Shang also unveiled the digital image of the future Spreadtrum Center. Spreadtrum employees along with 100 plus Zhangjiang officials all participated in the event.

Spreadtrum Center will occupy 2,000,000 square meters in total with sections including: R&D Office, Show Center, Guest Receiving Center, Training Center, Support Center, and Customer Affairs Area. The completion date of Spreadtrum Center is set before the end of next year. CEO Ping Wu addressed that the completion of the Spreadtrum Center is a requirement for further development of Spreadtrum Communications Inc. Since the birth of Spreadtrum four years ago, it had grown tremendously. Today Spreadtrum has over 400 employees, with branch offices in Shanghai and California, R&D centers in Beijing and Shenzhen.