Spreadtrum GSM Module Passes FULL TYPE APPROVAL and in Volume Production Now

Aug 19, 2003

SUNNYVALE,CA - August 19, 2003 - Spreadtrum today announced that Spreadtrum GSM module has achieved full type approval (FTA) certification and is now in volume production with multiple designs.

Spreadtrum GSM/GPRS module SM5100 incorporates all base band, radio frequency hardware and software needed for a full feature GSM/GPRS terminal. It offers all-in-one voice communication and high-speed data transmission via GPRS class 10. It provides wireless communications for a variety of different markets. The new GSM/GPRS module has one of the smallest form factors in the market. With its small dimension and cost advantage, it can be used in almost any wireless applications, especially in handsets and PDAs.

SM5100 GSM/GRPS module uses Spreadtrum base band chipset SC6600 and its own Protocol stack software. With SM5100 passing FTA, it fully proved the success of Spreadtrum's advanced architecture, algorithm, and efficient partition among hardware, software and firmware. SM5100 has gotten a lot of interests due to the fact that it provides very high performance with low-power consumption and all at a competitive price.

With Spreadtrum's module, customers can achieve a shorter time-to-market for their products. Spreadtrum provides support to customer product design, product integration, software development for specific applications, validation and field testing, test tools, and post-design production.

"That Spreadtrum passed FTA in a few months further demonstrates Spreadtrum's superior technology and solid solution in the GSM/GPRS market," said Dr. Ping Wu, president of Spreadtrum. "We are very pleased to see our solutions being quickly adopted by many customers."

Spreadtrum offers a completed licensing package for GSM/GPRS module, including full documentation, training, and support.

Spreadtrum's modules and chips are in volume production.