Spreadtrum Releases Multimedia Baseband IC SC6800

Feb 13, 2006

3GSM World Congress, Barcelona - February 13, 2006 - Today, Spreadtrum is making an announcement on the mass production of GSM/GPRS multimedia baseband IC SC6800. As a leader in the Chinese Wireless Communications IC Designs Industry, Spreadtrum Communications has already positioned itself on top of the pyramid. Its previous products, SC6600 series, received satisfactory feedbacks from customers. The launch of SC6800 is also anticipated by numerous well-known customers.

SC6800 GSM/GPRS multimedia baseband IC is designed by Spreadtrum to meet the requirements of high-end multimedia handsets. It adopted the dual core infrastructure of ARM9 and TeaKLite DSP, integrated 5.0 Mega pixel camera controllers, auto-focus controllers, MPEG4 accelerator and MP3 player, supports TV OUT and other multimedia application processing functionalities, also includes Quad-band GSM/GPRS baseband circuit and power management circuit. SC6800 possessed the highest integration level in the global multimedia baseband IC industry. It is capable to provide tremendous processing power for multimedia handsets.

Spreadtrum Communications President and CEO, Dr. Ping Wu expresses "China is the largest handset market. Since last year, the popularization of camera phone, mp3 music phone has already begun as the market demand for multimedia applications increases rapidly. Spreadtrum's roll out of SC6800 has great outlook in the market space, and will satisfy the increasing market demand for multimedia applications. once again, Spreadtrum solid its position as multimedia mobile chip leading position in 2.5G, as well as single chip approach always."

Spreadtrum Communications CTO Dr. Datong Chen expresses "The application of multimedia in 2.5G and 3G terminals is extremely important. It is a crucial factor in the market competition in the future. To guarantee the massive scale of multimedia application infiltration of the market, high level integration, low power consumption and powerful processing capacity of the baseband IC are essential."

Spreadtrum's SC6800 multimedia baseband chip is manufactured by TSMC, will be mass produced by the end of February. Presently, several famous handset manufactures are all involved in the collaborative work during the development of terminal products with Spreadtrum.