Spreadtrum Releases New Multimedia Handset Baseband Chip to Meet the Needs of Mainstream Consumers

May 24, 2007

SHANGHAI, China - May. 24, 2007 - Spreadtrum Communications, Inc., a baseband provider for mobile handsets, announces the release of its SC6600I chip, a highly integrated multimedia GSM/GPRS baseband solution designed for mainstream mobile phones. In order to meet increasing demands in the handset market, Spreadtrum's strategy is to leverage its core baseband chip technology for mobile handsets to develop different models of chipsets, including the SC6600I, to address different market segment needs.

By utilizing its highly integrated communication-multimedia technology, Spreadtrum has developed the single chip SC6600I to better meet the evolving requirements of the global handset market. This powerful chip builds upon the high integration and low power consumption of previous Spreadtrum baseband chipsets and integrates additional advanced multimedia functions such as an MP3 player, an MPEG4 accelerator, and a 300,000 pixel digital camera, as well as the ability to use the handset as a USB flash disk.

Commenting on the release, Mr. Chen Datong, Chief Technology Officer, said, "Nowadays there are increasing requirements from the average consumer for more multimedia functions on their handsets. Functions such as digital cameras and music players are no longer confined to high-end mobile phones, but are increasingly desired as basic features of mainstream handsets. Meanwhile, handset manufacturers are facing the dilemma of satisfying the demand for "higher functionality" and "lower price" at the same time, which has led to increasing pressure on reducing system costs and quality issues for these multimedia phones." To deal with this situation, Spreadtrum has successfully developed multimedia baseband solutions that are both high in performance and cost effective by utilizing its own unique, advanced technology that integrates advanced hardware and critical software into a single chip. The SC6600I allows handset manufacturers to reduce the cost of development and products, while at the same time providing mainstream consumers with high quality multimedia handsets that can offer them a delightful high-tech experience.