Spreadtrum Wins China’s 2016 Top Science and Technology Progress Award

Jan 11, 2017

Beijing, China, January 9, 2017 –Spreadtrum, a leading fabless semiconductor company, today announced that it has wonChina's Top Science and Technology Progress Award for the project "Key Technologies and Applications for Fourth Generation Mobile Communication System (TD-LTE)", which is a joint project of China Mobile Group, China Academy of Telecommunication Research, MIIT, and China Academy of Telecommunications Technology.
Mobile communication is the key factor for global technological innovation and national competitiveness. The project "Key Technologies and Applications for Fourth Generation Mobile Communication System (TD-LTE)" is based on TD-LTE technology, achieving a significant technological breakthrough after overcoming challenges in technology, networking, testing, and organization mechanism, as well as taking the lead in the TD-LTE international standards which have been widely applied globally. The project's success marks a historic change in China's role from a follower of international cutting-edge telecommunication technologies in the 2G and 3G eras, to a competitor at equal pace in the 4G era.

In the awarded project, Spreadtrum has actively participated in various key research and development projects related to TD-LTE ever since the TD-LTE standards were formalized. Spreadtrum has always stayed ahead of the curve with many breakthroughs such as 16/28nm advanced nano-technology, mixed digital-analog design, LTE communication link design, high-speed hardware accelerator design, low power consumption design as well as the design and implementation of a multi-mode protocol stack. All these technological advancements make it possible for a multi-mode communication chip to effectively achieve the high integration, low cost and low power consumption required for the commercialization of TD-LTE.

Spreadtrum has been playing a crucial role in accelerating the rapid commercialization of TD-LTE core technology.  Spreadtrum was also the first to launch the 28 nm quad-core 5-mode SC9830/9832 as well as the 16nm octa-core 64-bit SC9860 chip platform. In 2016, Spreadtrum has shipped over 100 million LTE chipset. Spreadtrum's SC9830/9832 has been adopted by a number of global brands including Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Coolpad, Micromax, Lava, ADVAN as well as communication operators including China Mobile, India Reliance for their terminal devices.Spreadtrum's SC9860 is also expected to be successfully implemented in a series of innovative applications for information security as well as in the domestic financial sector.

"We are honored to have been awarded the first prize of China's Science and Technology Progress Awardfor Spreadtrum's core GSM/GPRS and TD-SCDMA technologies in 2G and 3G era and the second prize for Spreadtrum's key technologies and industrialization platform for core chips used in wireless telecommunication terminals," said Dr. Leo Li, Chairman and CEO of Spreadtrum's. He further added, "Since the establishment of the company, Spreadtrum has always been committed to chip technology innovation and development. We have scored a number of world's firsts and in today's era of 4G, getting the Top National Award is a testimony of Spreadtrum's technology expertise in TD-LTE domain. As we fulfill our stakeholder's expectations, we will continue to focus on innovations and breakthroughs in 5G key core technologies to become a world-class leading chip design company."

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